The Value of Our Lessons

Zen Kidz TX is your home for yoga and mindfulness classes and events at our studio as well as your school, home, church, synagogue, Girl Scout meeting, or private event.

The benefits of yoga for children are tremendous, and our teachers help guide students through a variety of physical and mental exercises that will bring forth confidence, focus, strength, and balance - mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Kids using props in yoga class

Yoga for kids is all about stillness AND movement! We practice breathing techniques and meditate, but we also stretch, strengthen, balance, and wiggle.

In our classes, the students have a blast putting together different sequences, playing games, dancing, and creating their own yoga adventures! We also discuss valuable mindfulness topics and complete fun crafts to reinforce these ideas.

Mindfulness Topics Include

  • How to handle worries

  • Being present

  • Practicing gratitude

  • Ways to calm down

  • Mindful self-talk

  • The power of positive thinking

  • Showing love and kindness to others

  • Appreciating your uniqueness

Kids’ yoga helps to increase confidence, build concentration, develop self-awareness, and manage stress.

Our curriculum is constantly growing and changing.

Every class starts and ends with a short meditation, and the activities in between are endless. We often make gratitude boxes or flowers, glitter jars for meditating, affirmation cards, peace rocks, scented eye pillows, dream boards, feelings charts, joy jars, and worry dolls just to name a few.

Shhh...I'm meditating

We come up with new games and activities every semester so students are never bored, but some of our classic games include:

  • Musical Mats

  • Yoga Statues

  • Follow the Leader

  • Yoga Garden Game

  • Yoga Hot Potato

  • Imaginary Yoga Journeys

  • Yoga Statues

  • Yoga BINGO!

  • Memory Challenges

  • Partner Stunts

The classes for our littlest yogis (toddler through preschool age) are slightly different. We incorporate mindfulness lessons through picture books and short discussions, and sometimes include a basic craft or coloring activity. The littles are able to do almost all of the same poses as the older kiddos, but with a lot more music, singing, dancing, and story-telling!

We have many goals for our yoga students. We hope the students become more body aware, enhance their flexibility, and also gain strength. We want students to be more present in their everyday life, noticing their surroundings while also becoming more in-tune with their inner voice and when/why they have big feelings.

An important theme in many of our classes is that our thoughts and words are POWERFUL, and the discussions we have and the crafts we make lead to students practicing gratitude, uplifting others, believing in their dreams, and eliminating negative self-talk. And finally, we KNOW students leave class with skills to help them find their inner calm when they feel stressed, worried, scared, angry, or sad through breath-work and meditation techniques.

Kind Words from Students and Parents

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